McLeod-Skinner for Congress

In the 2018 mid-term elections, I served as Creative Director for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in her campaign for the Oregon 2nd Congressional District.

Facing an incumbent opponent with a huge war chest, Jamie’s grassroots campaign needed every advantage it could get. I volunteered my services to create a professional brand for the campaign, that would set them apart from the competition in both the primaries and the general election.

My first task was to create a brand identity that would speak to both liberal and conservative voters, since the Oregon 2nd is a “purple” district. When I came on board, the campaign had some initial rudimentary campaign material and a rough draft of a logo. In a nod to the rural demographics of the district – and to Jamie’s family cattle ranch – the campaign wanted to incorporate a literal “brand” in the logo. Using their rudimentary design as a jumping-off point, I refined the brand, and incorporated it within a wordmark, replacing the hyphen in McLeod-Skinner’s last name.



With the core identity established, I developed a comprehensive brand guide, including logo variants, color palettes, and typography guidelines.

From there, I created a kit of assets that the campaign could easily deliver to local printers, but could also print on their own equipment, to save money whenever possible. The kit also included digital templates to allow their comms team to quickly develop social media graphics without waiting for a designer’s help.

For higher-touch assets, like merchandise, newspaper ads, and out-of-home billboards, I worked directly with the campaign manager to produce production-ready graphics.

While Jamie ultimately came up short in November, she cruised to victory in the primaries, and galvanized voters in a way that no Democrat had been able to in decades.