Adam Levermore

Battlestar Galactica Posters

Officially Licensed Battlestar Galactica Propaganda Posters

When developing these, I wanted to create posters that looked like they would actually be found taped to the bulkhead of the ship to motivate the troops. Despite featuring robots and spaceships, I wanted the art to look familiar and “true,” just like the show. It was important to me not to make these look sci-fi-ish. Propaganda posters are designed to pass along information in a simple, concise way, that the average Joe could relate to.

I also added a lot of little touches like the ones I found on the original posters, like print-run numbering, authorization information, etc. In my experience, it’s the little touches like that that give a poster a sense of realism that really sells the design.

This was my first product to be offered on ThinkGeek, and got nice writeups in SciFi Magazine, Gawker, and the LA Times blog.

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CLIENT : Universal Studios / Quantum Mechanix

TAGS : Illustration, Posters