Freemantle Prison, Australia

On my most recent trip to visit my wife in Australia, we took a side trip for several days so that she could speak at a conference at the University of Western Australia in Perth. My jet lag was still intense, since I’d only arrived in Australia a few days before, and Perth is on the other side of the continent from Melbourne, where Amy lives. It was also still in the spring rainy season, so we didn’t get much of a chance to go sightseeing, which was disappointing because we really wanted to visit the quokkas on Rottnest Island. I mean, come on … winking quokka I’m pretty sure those things were bred to be fawned over on the internet. In any case, we didn’t want to completely waste our one trip to Perth, so we decided to brave the drizzle and take a day trip to one of Australia’s historic prisons in Freemantle, 45 minutes south of Perth by train. What we had planned as a light touristy excursion turned into a
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